To supplement the little natural food available (insects, vegetation, etc.), the waterfowl are fed each day by  local volunteers.  A rota is prepared in advance.

The amount of food distributed each day needs to vary according to need.

Some grain is fed into the water so ducks can dabble and dive for it. Some lighter grain will float. Some is placed on various platforms within the enclosure. Pellets have to be kept dry when dropped as they turn to ‘mush’ in water.

Grain is delivered from a local suppliers into the bulk storage bin which can hold about 4 tonnes. It is then decanted into 10 litre buckets which are placed into large drums around the pond, each holding 9 buckets. Duck feeders simply take and distribute the defined number of buckets of grain around the pond. Buckets are refilled on a weekly basis.

A tonne of wheat/barley
A tonne of wheat/barley

Pellets are bought from a local poultry feed supplier and delivered in 200 Kg – 500 Kg drops, with each bag weighing 20 Kg. The bags are stored in two watertight 1100 litre wheelie bins. The pellets are then decanted into 10 litre buckets and distributed in the same way as the grain.

The annual cost for grain and pellets is over £3,000! There are a lot of hungry mouths to feed!

Please Contact Us if you would like to consider joining the team of volunteer duck feeders.