Details of the Collection

The term waterfowl includes ducks, geese and swans.

The collection consists of a variety of different species and are a combination of those which are permanent residents in the UK, winter and summer migrants and those from overseas. As the enclosure has no ‘roof’, other visitors can fly in and out, at will. You may therefore see birds which do not form part of the collection.

None of the birds in the collection can fly. They were all ‘pinioned’ when just a day or two old. Pinioning is a veterinarian procedure where the pinion joint of the wing (akin to the human thumb) is removed, preventing the growth of primary flight feathers. Pinioned birds are still able to ‘flutter’ about (similar to a chicken) but without primary flight feathers, they cannot generate the acceleration needed to take off. The perimeter fence is high enough to stop birds fluttering over and prevents them ‘waddling’ away. They are all therefore ‘captive’ birds.

The waterfowl in the collection are usually acquired at around 6 months old from a specialist supplier used for many, many years. Ducks can live for between 7 and 20 years, depending upon the species. Birds are always bought in pairs to allow an active breeding programme. The cost of most ducks varies between £40 – £300, per pair, depending upon the species but can rise to £1200 for rare examples. Geese range from £40 – £500 and swans £300 – £550 (approx.). Click Here to visit the supplier’s web site to see what is available and what prices apply.

If you would like to consider donating a pair of ducks, geese or swans to the collection, please Contact Us to discuss your wishes and make the necessary arrangements. You can choose the species you would like and watch them develop, interact, perhaps breed and become familiar with their habits and behaviour over their fairly long lives. Visit the duck pond to see and perhaps feed your ducks, geese or swans whenever you like. You can treat them almost as pets as you will know that they are yours. Special privileges are bestowed upon those who support the Conservation Duck Pond in this way and this will be explained when you make contact.