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Duck Pond Merchandise & Souvenirs 

2019 Christmas Cards

Snow Goose Christmas Card 2019

The cards are on sale at, Buoy Coffee,  Westgate Street, Blakeney,  The Crabpot Bookshop, Cley and The Manor Hotel, Blakeney.

Duck Food

This is available in 2 lb bags (approx) containing a special mix of wheat, barley and rolled oats, an ideal mix of grain for the waterfowl and similar to that with which they are fed every day.

These bags of food can be purchased for just £1.00 from the following retail outlets within the village.

If you could, please use our duck food as bread isn’t good for them.

Car/Window Stickers & Postcards

Available from the The Anchor Shop  just up the High Street.

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