Duck Race

The annual duck race involves hundreds of numbered plastic ducks being released into Blakeney New cut near the slipway as the tide starts to come in. The first duck over the finish line by the quay is the winner and the person who sponsored the duck receives the prize.

Ducks may be sponsored at local businesses, such as Blakeney garage, the concessions on the Carnser, the British Legion club and elsewhere. Those not sponsored this way may be sponsored on the day down on the quay in the couple of hours before the race begins.


Unfortunately the duck race planned for 10 August 2019 was cancelled due to very strong winds. It was either that or having to collect the ducks from the coasts of Holland or Norway rather than the intended end of the race by Blakeney Quay.

With feed costs of over £3,000/year and the need to regularly purchase ducks, the duck race is an important fund raiser. So, we would like to thank all those who had already sponsored a duck and kindly said that their sponsorship money could go towards the running of the duck pond.

On the 18th August the second Blakeney Party on the Pastures event was held. Following the duck race cancellation, Blakeney Parish Council kindly allowed us to hold a fund-raising ‘Guess the number of ducks’ competition. The competition was won by a young girl, Ivy, who guessed 328 ducks in the box which was closest to the 327 in the box. Ivy, won many prizes including a very large plastic duck. Along with donations and the sale of merchandise around £200 was raised – so thanks to all those who contributed. Added to this was another £80 that was donated by those who sponsored ducks in the cancelled race and said “keep it for the ducks”.


The Blakeney Duck Race was held in the early afternoon of Tuesday 21st August. The race took place as the tide started to flow in just after 3pm. One thousand numbered yellow plastic ducks were let loose by the dinghy park slipway and the winner (no. 57) crossed the finish line at the beginning of the quay a few minutes later.

The winning ticket was bought at Blakeney Garage.

Tickets were available on the day and also available earlier from local outlets in Blakeney including Blakeney Garage, Weston’s Fish Shop, The Royal British Legion, The King’s Arms, The White Horse and The Manor Hotel. In Holt tickets are available at P&S Butchers.

We also held a ‘guess the number of ducks in the jar’ which raised further funds for the duck pond.


The Blakeney Conservation Area Duck Pond volunteers re-introduced on August 19th  2017 the annual duck race held at Blakeney Quay when the tide starts to come in.

Approximately half the tickets were sold before the event at various locations in Blakeney including Blakeney Garage, Weston’s Fish Shop, The King’s Arms, The White Horse and The Manor Hotel. In Holt tickets were sold at P&S Butchers. The remaining tickets were sold on the day along Blakeney Quay.

The number of the winning duck was announced by Desmond MacCarthy from Wiveton Hall and star of ‘Normal For Norfolk’.

Please note that Blakeney in Gloucestershire also holds a  duck race at the duck pond found on their playing fields. These are obviously different events but easily confused especially on Facebook.