The Finances

Income and Expenditure

The ‘normal’ operating costs for duck pond, prior to the tidal surge, were running at about £5000, per annum. This was made up of the following major expenses (approximate).

  • Food: grain & pellets (£2000)
  • Additional and replacement waterfowl (£1,000)
  • Gardening and landscaping services (£500)
  • Hardware repairs (£500)
  • Land rental (£350)
  • Other (£650): pest/vermin control, vet costs, tools/equipment, admin, etc., etc.

Historically, income has been derived from the following sources.

  • Cash donations into the collection box at the Information Point.
  • A subsidy from Blakeney & District Wildfowlers Association (£5 per member).
  • An annual grant from Blakeney Parish Council (not guaranteed).
  • Proceeds from an annual (plastic!) Duck Race at Blakeney Quay.

In order to make the facility more financially stable and to fund the huge expenses incurred from the repair, rebuilding and restoration work needed following the tidal surge of December 2013, several imaginative schemes have been started to provide new income streams and/or reduce expenditure. These are as follows.

  • Reviving the annual duck race.
  • Annual sponsorship from local businesses.
  • Private donations from local residents.
  • The selling of duck food to the public.
  • Additional donation boxes at various establishments around the village.
  • An appeal for folks to donate a pair of ducks of their choice.or to ‘Adopt a Duck‘.
  • The selling of duck pond related merchandise to the public.
  • Applying for grants from various funding sources.
  • Encouraging local firms to donate goods and/or services needed.

Many of these new ventures are underway and the enthusiastic responses from business and the public alike has been more than encouraging. Much work is still to be done but results to date indicate that hopes may well be realised.