The Future

Where to Now?

The plans for the future depend upon many different factors, with one of the most important being funding. Without adequate financial resources, when needed, the plans in place may need to be delayed or revised. However, the various different income streams being pursued are progressing well at present and it seems likely that funding will not unduly affect the next few ‘stages’ of the plan.

The following are some of the shorter term goals which are under way (no particular order).

  • Procure and erect a small shed to accommodate various tools, equipment and materials, etc.
  • Cut away dead portions of the bank side willow trees.
  • Fell the large, dead willow tree at the western end of the pond.
  • Introduce several large, living willow logs to the pond in the hope that they will root and grow.
  • Plant some 2-3 year old weeping willow trees around the pond.
  • Remove old, dead hedging and replace with new (hawthorn and blackthorn mix) as a wind break and shade.
  • Plant a few bare root trees in various places (cherry, maple and Rowan being considered).
  • Plant bulbs for Spring 2016 flowering (snow drop, crocus, primrose, bluebell, daffodil, etc., etc.).
  • Plant hardy perennial ¬†shrubs to provide shade and cover for the birds.
  • Construct a work bench to fit on top of the trunk of the felled sycamore tree at the eastern end of the pond.
  • Bring in 2-3 tonnes of top soil to replace that washed away by the tidal surge.
  • Add further bench seats to the western end of the enclosure.
  • Provide seating within the enclosure for workers and/or volunteers.
  • Replace older, worn out nest boxes and add more to provide sufficient capacity for a ‘full’ collection of birds.
  • Repair and/or replace damaged or worn out bank support structures to prevent further erosion.

Items shown in red are either complete or underway.

Listed below are some of the longer term goals under consideration.

  • Have the bed of the pond de-silted to remove a thick layer of sediment left behind by the tidal surge.
  • Rebuild the old ‘goose pen’ which was TOTALLY destroyed by the tidal surge.
  • Install a ‘web-cam’ to provide real time images of the pond and its inhabitants.
  • More viewing facilities to the north side of the enclosure.
  • Access within the enclosure for photographers wanting close-ups and shots without wire mesh in the way.
  • Etc., etc.